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Senior And Life Solutons, Inc.

407/739-8939 Toll Free 888/236-5471
Help and Assistance for Seniors
SALS is about helping Seniors with all their wants and needs! - Help for Seniors - Senior Solutions

We want to build a trusting relationship with you starting right now. We assist and help seniors from all walks of life anywhere, mainly in Central Florida. Our growth in the rest of Florida and the entire country is growing. Senior and Life Solutions, Inc. will provide you with solutions to your everyday, or weekly or monthly needs that are keeping you from living the good life, that we know you want and deserve. We will help you to continue to live right where you live today, if you wish. Your biggest needs are what we want you to tell us about, so we may positively take care of them for you. As we said above, we do help all seniors. The benefits to you, our beloved seniors will be:
•Help and Assistance for senior needs and wants;
•A more enjoyable lifestyle (Successful Living)
•Best value on all products and/or services
•A happier life

•A healthier life
•Maintaining your current or improved lifestyle
•Many of your necessities finally taken care of properly
You won't feel alone
•You will look forward to the coming days
•Your personal information is always safe with us
•You will have a reliable source for senior and life needs
•Senior and Life Solutions, Inc. wants you to have a better life tomorrow than today.
•We will assist you with your everyday needs and wants. One of our goals is to positively help 45,000 seniors any way we can so their tomorrows are better than their todays! So far we have done everything except shoe a horse, I think.

Which Do YOU Want
1. A Longer Life
2. A More Enjoyable Life
3. Both of the Above
We have some aids in these areas. Check out this site!
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Our senior clients are having a ball.
We Help Seniors with FIVE Programs. See the newest details about: "Eliminate Hunger in the USA." You'll love it.
Helping seniors.
Call or e-mail us today(NOW).
407/739-8939 Toll Free 666/236-5471
I want to tell you a story.
There was a neighborhood that had a home that nobody seemed to know who lived in it. A person would say to another person, "Who lives in that house? I've never seen anybody or a car in the driveway. The yard always looks neat and groomed very nicely, but I've never seen anybody working in the yard." And the other person would say, "I don't know if anyone lives there. When the heck do they take care of the yard? At night when we're all asleep?" And all conversations about the home went about the same. Nobody knew if anyone lived in the house or not.
One day some kids were playing ball roughly in front of the "vacant" home and as fate would have it an errant ball was hit toward the house and it broke a front window. Well, those kids took off running down the street because they were sure someone would come out screaming at them about the broken window. As they got down about three houses they noticed nobody was coming after them. After gathering together they decided maybe nobody was at home. And that was the only ball they had. One boy said he would creep up to the broken window to see if he could reach in to get their ball. But he wanted all the other ball players to keep their eyes peeled for anybody coming out of the house and if somebody did come out, yell at him so he would be able to get away.
He started his slow walk up to the window and to his surprise nobody came out. As he looked in the broken window he saw a woman lying face down on the floor and not moving. This was a good bunch of kids. He called to one of his friends who, in this day and age, had a cell phone and told him to call the emergency number.
To make a long story short, the emergency people came and they took the woman to the hospital. After a few days the woman was fine but nobody could ever figure out how long she had been on the floor.
My question to you is would you like this woman to be your Mother?......or your sister? 
You may wonder why I told you this story. This story and many others that are very similar happen around our country everyday. We have a solution. Many of you belong to some kind of Residents Association. Others of you are going to need to form, very simply, some kind of group or association that represents residents in your neighborhood. Then that Association or "group" needs to partner with us. It costs the Association (Group) or residents absolutely nothing. After we have become partners, the first thing we will do is assist you in finding all the home bounds and/or isolated seniors in your neighborhood. This will be your, with our assistance, first step in never having a situation like the story above.
Call 407/739-8939 or Toll Free 888/236-5471 or e-mail to get more details and get started in making your neighborhood more friendly, safer and more helpful to each other. We do most of the work! And, remember it costs your residents and Association or group NOTHING.
Before you check into a hospital or rehab, please read this book! It will help you stay out after you are allowed to go home.
Do you know where most infections are passed on?
Read the book for the answer.
 Click here to read about the available book,
Senior and Life Solutions for Health Care and Wellness.
Click here to see a list of all of our current E-books.

Just by visiting this site you get the following:

You can ask for assistance in the following areas of concern:  
  • 1. Meal Time - FREE 20# of non-perishable groceries delivered to your door each month if you qualify. In these economic times most people do qualify.
  • 2. Ride Time -  You may need a ride to church, doctor, grocery store, test lab., beauty parlor, barber or some place else. Contact us via email or phone and we'll arrange your ride for you. If you're in an area that we don't have all of our contacts yet, give us just a little time and we'll get it done for you. So, don't contact us and say you need a ride tomorrow, give us a few days.
  • 3. A written list of emergency functions that you can study before an emergency actually confronts you
  • 4. A Happy Birthday message on your birthday 
  • 5.  Senior Assistance - You may need help getting some other kind of assistance, just contact us via email or phone and we'll find a trust worthy person to do the job.
  • 6. Successful Living. - Many seniors are lonely and/or bored. This program helps most enjoy life more fully.

You receive the following benefits when you join our Successful Living program:
  • Telephone call to check on you once a week,  an additional charge for increased frequency
  • Participate in "Loneliness and/or boredom reduction" program, "Successful Living."
  • Link into telephone rounds (someone calls you and you call someone else) at a predetermined date and time. If the last person in the round doesn't call toll free to our office on time, we then track backwards to find out who might be in trouble or need assistance
  • Become part of a small "Get-A-Round group" that meets once a week or more frequently if the members wish, to just talk about things that are of interest to all of you  
  • Access to a  telephone number you can call 24/7, toll free, to talk about anything. If the number is busy leave a message and we'll get back to you. If you call while we are asleep, you'll have to wait until we wake up and then we'll call you back
  • Assistance with your Part D drug coverage choices
  • Learn some new FUN things to occupy your time
  • Do very enjoyable things with a new, interesting person
  • Become an adopted grandparent
  • Have an adopted brother and/or sister
  • Participate in all of our "Successful Living" Steps

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                            FREE Senior Assistance                                                       
E-mail us, 24/7. Your requests like,

"Can you find me a ride to the Doctor's office,"
"Can you help with my loneliness?"
"I need a ramp for my wheelchair, can you help?"         

and get an answer
and assistance, (any questions but no specific medical questions).

Please fill out the form below for FREE Senior Assistance. In the "Comments" section please tell us briefly what you need.  It will be a pleasure to serve you. Thank you!
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E-books & Software by some Friends
We also have available a number of e-books covering different aspects of your senior life that will be beneficial to many of you. These e-books are offered to you because we know they will be helpful and FUN to some of our Seniors. And Senior and Life Solutions, Inc. does want to positively enhance your life anyway possible. You deserve a happy and healthy life.                                                                                               .
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